Various Tips to Pass a Drug Test

Various Tips to Pass a Drug Test

Drug tests have become a common thing in many companies, and they can cost you a job when a positive result on substance use is detected in your urine. Drug use is linked to the performance level, and this interferes with your social life. The good thing about the test is that you will be notified in advance. You can use the time in before the test day to plan how you will hack the drug test. You can choose to detox, thus get Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse to eliminate substances in your body.

Here are some of the tips you can apply to pass your drug test:

Use a Diuretic

You can opt to use a diuretic to flush out the toxins you have been consuming. Diuretics are substances that increase the amount of water and salt in the body hence causing frequent urination. The frequent urination cleanses your body from substances you have been using.

You can use more potent diuretics to lush toxins over a short time. However, it would be best to get a prescription to avoid side effects if you have underlying medical conditions. You may also opt for less strong ones, and you can get them over the counter.

Drink Water

drink waterIt is healthy to drink water regularly for proper body functioning. Taking a lot of water will dilute the toxins in your body and also lead to more urination. The more the times you relieve yourself, the better because you will be flushing out substances.

Highly diluted urine makes it harder for THC metabolites to be tested. Increase your water intake levels to ensure that you have a higher chance of passing the drug test and, if possible, schedule it in the afternoon. Including a vitamin B supplement gives your urine a natural color.

Use Synthetic Urine

synthetic urine samplesYou can opt for synthetic urine to avoid risking your chances of failing the drug test. Fake urine has all the natural urine properties, and you can present it for the test without being suspected. Learn all the tricks before buying genuine synthetic urine and know how to maintain it and prevent contamination.

You can also use another person’s urine and present it as yours if you are sure they are drug-free. However, this trick should be done on the spot because of urine changes properties after a few hours. It is also essential to act naturally to avoid raising suspicions during the drug test.