This might sound weird to some people, but it is true the eyes must be taken care of. Our eyes are in danger especially today when we are always working on computers. The light is not good if not well regulated and if you spend many hours working on the computer. This call for carefulness and if you realize a change in your eyes, please visit an eye doctor. This article will give you some tips on how to take care of your eyes.

Taking care of your eyes

Take breaks from the computer

No matter how busy you are, it is good that you take a break from that screen for some time. After every two hours or so, take your eyes from the computer and relax. Make sure the lighting is regulated such that you do not feel as if your eyes are being pulled to the screen. If you at times get a headache from long hours on the computer, my friend you are risking your sight. This can be solved by taking a break from the screen.


The right diet helps take care of your eyes. Eat foods with minerals and vitamins good for the eyes. Have you ever heard that raw carrots are good for your eyes? This is true and has been proved to work. Tomatoes too are good for the eyes so take as many of them.


Some people never know the importance of sunglasses. They put them on just for fun. Well, sunglasses protect the eyes from direct sunlight which is harmful to the eyes. They also prevent dust from entering the eyes. Dust can irritate your eyes. Do not forget your pair of glasses every time you are going hiking.

Eye doctor

Just the way you go for other body part checkups, visit the doctor for the sake of your eyes. From time to time get to know how your eyes are doing. If you feel any pain or constant headaches, see the doctor for diagnosis and treatment if your eyes might be suffering.